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Posted on Dec 22, 2021

"Hired Mark on a last Minute Christmas Party for my company and he did a great job .We are all still talking about that evening and will consider getting him back .Thanks Mark"
John Bertsch · Sidney Ohio

Posted on May 29, 2018

"Hey Mark. Just caught a re-run of Press Your Luck. I'm the lucky idiot that was on the show with you. Glad to see you did very well with life and it looks like you are having a ton of fun. I'll look for you should you make it to a club down here in Orange County. Just wanted to say "hi", hope your health and family are fabulous. Cheers, Kevin"
Kevin C Stephan · So. Calif

Posted on Mar 31, 2017

"when the hell you working again in Illinois?
Hope all is well, see you have moved to Toledo.
kauffman · springfield

Posted on Mar 28, 2017

"Funny, Funny, Funny Dude!!! 😂😂😂"
Phil Wirtz · Southgate, MI

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

"Loving your work Mark, keep it up!"
Simon · London

Posted on Mar 29, 2015

"Do you ever come to Colorado? Would really like to see you perform. May God bless you and your entire family."
Tom Macek · Colorado Spring

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

"Mark, It was a pleasure to meet you today at the Auto Show while we were looking at those reall pretty trucks. If you ever have an opportunity to come to Ontario send me an email and if we can we will be in the audience. Or if you and KR Richie ever want to visit we can put you up.
Regards & Cheers
Betty · Ft. Lauderdale

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

"See ya in Whitmore Lake on Friday!!!!"
Fred · Whitmore Lake

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

"Great chatting with you at the car show! Hilarious. Best of luck!"
Kate and Sam · Philadelphia

Posted on Nov 24, 2014

"Great site, keep up the good work! frank.rizzo2007@yahoo.ca"
Frank Rizzo · Canada

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

"i'm a cool kid too! Love the site

K Oliver · USA

Posted on Sep 20, 2014

"Awesome show!!! Had a great time, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much:)"
michelle · south haven

Posted on May 25, 2014

"Hey Mark, talking with my brother and we are wondering where you are performing so we can come see you.

Cindy (Kissaw) Calvary Lutheran"
Cindy Strzalka · Marion OH

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

"Dang man, you so funny!"
Ray Bercaw · Wyandotte

Posted on Nov 04, 2013

"Love your work! Your a funny guy!

penny · Chicago

Posted on Jun 27, 2013

"Gave your CD 2 the manager (James Whittey) of "The Drop" comedy club. Gave U a great reference. Said he was booked for the year. Call him and bug him anyway. Keep up the comedy. Your clean and refreshing. Thanks."
Ross Smith · south bend, In

Posted on Apr 21, 2013

"Looking forward to working with you to see if we can bring comedy to Wyandotte. :) - good times ahead"
Brian LaPlaga · Flat Rock

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

"Stopping in to see your website. Looks great!"
Karolina · California

Posted on Mar 22, 2013

"Just stopping by ....."
Janine A. Kenne · Auburn Hills, M

Posted on Jun 14, 2012

"Enjoy the Armory tonight, wish I could be there, best of luck!"
Andy Murray · Janesville, WI

Posted on May 14, 2012

"Hey Mark, nice site! Good to make you acquaintance. More stuff on Trailer Park will be posted on FB as we roll along."
Tom Stevens · Detroit area

Posted on Apr 28, 2012

"Will you be in the Flint area antime soon? Its been some time since we last saw you. You have always been a stand up guy."
Brad Swann · Burton, MI

Posted on Mar 24, 2012

"Just found out about you a short while ago. Glad I found your site. kennyyerger@yahoo.com"
Ken · Washington

Posted on Mar 16, 2012

"Hey Mark, it was good meeting you at your "other gig" in Atlanta on 3/14. Great web site and I'll keep an eye out on the schedule to see if you'll be in Columbus, GA anytime soon. Take care!"
Blake Duncan · LaGrange, GA

Posted on Dec 22, 2011

"Hey! What a coincidence that you were hilarious *and* a comedian. Happy holidays!"
Dina · Mercy Lab

Posted on Jul 17, 2011

"Hey Mark! Great golfing with you a couple of weeks ago. Glad that things are going well with you and Uncle Chuck. I always love all of your shows, so make sure you make some more trips in norther Michigan. Miss ya big guy, keep in touch!

Cousin Kyle · Saginaw

Posted on May 08, 2011

"Hi mark it was nice meeting u on the last day of the ny auto shore. U thought u scared me with your voice Hana. U were talking to my husband about how much mileage he gets on his malibu and how to reset it remember he has your name too hehs well u know what I mean. Hope to see u doing a show in ac possibly."
kelley errion · toms river,nj

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

"Hi Mark, It was very nice chatting with you at the N.Y. Auto Show on Wednesday.You may recall I discussed the 'Chevrolet' logo which is their 'Bowtie'trademark on all their vehicles.In case you forgot I believe you told me the story of the all the numerous little bowties loctaed all over on their now discontinued Chevy 'HHR' I believe you stated that it had a total of either 24 or 27 of them located on it.Must have been hard to try and count or find all of them at one time.Speaking of bowties, that's a nice bowtie your grandfather is wearing in the picture holding you (as a baby,like to see him hold you like that these days)here on your website.Have a great day.All the best, Mike....."
Mike Spinner · Bayside,N.Y.

Posted on Jan 31, 2011

"Mark I think you need to shoot for 10,000!!!!!!! :)"
Ann Molaski · Riverview MI

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"Wow! All these guestbook entries today - it's like I was "pandering" on facebook or something! LOL"
MARK KNOPE · Toledo, OH;

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"I stopped by before, but I didn't think I signed the guest book! So proud of how well you are doing!"
Angie Ransdell · pontiac, mi

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"You are as cute now as you were when you were little! I know, awwwwww. And if I am the 5000th I do want a prize. :)"
laurie carpenter · La Veta, CO

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"Hey Mark!! Did I crack 5,000?? (I said crack)"
Jennifer · Union City, Mi

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"YOU BET MY FRIEND!!! I for sure did drop on by for a visit!!"
Mark Conn · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

"I have had the pleasure of some late night chats with Mark. All you have to do is answer the phone, and you are in for your very own comedy show... You don't have to say anything, he does ALL the talking/entertaining.... Beware, you laugh so hard, your stomach hurts.... but he always leaves you smiling ! To see/hear Mark perform, is money well spent !"
Gina Morfino · Shelby Twp Mich

Posted on Jan 24, 2011

"hey mark, been a long time, hope all is well. how is your dad? give me a jingle when you can."
John Schwartz · Sterling Height

Posted on Nov 22, 2010

"Just looking to see when you are scheduled to be back in this area! Keep me posted! The site looks fantastic!"
Peggy Vreeland · Novi, MI

Posted on Nov 08, 2010

"The new sight looks great, Have a busy winter so we can tee it a few times next summer. Have a safe Holiday."
Ang Pizzo · Grosse Ile, Mic

Posted on Nov 08, 2010

"Keep up the laughts Mark!Sandi Corbett Marcellino"
Sandi Marcellino · Smithville tn

Posted on Nov 08, 2010

"Funny in a good yet painful kind of way...."
Sheryl Clemente · Commerce Twp MI

Posted on Nov 07, 2010

"You are always a riot! :) Hope c u back in Indiana sometime. Wouldnt miss the show! :)"
Tanya B. · Indiana

Posted on Nov 07, 2010

"love the new look! and you look fantastic as well!"
jooolz · waukesha

Posted on Nov 07, 2010

"Site looks great Mark... so does the picture... see you soon, I hope... Tell your Dad "Hi" for me..."
Bill LaBeau · Wyandotte

Posted on Nov 05, 2010

"Your the greatest Mark!Your well loved at BoRic"s! Have a great show this weekend! It was good seeing you the other day! Stop in an let use know how your doing every once in awhile. Take care, Jamie"
Jamie Zarecky · Toledo,ohio

Posted on Nov 04, 2010

"Don\'t tell anyone how you know . . . or knew me . . . did you ever get medication for that . . . aw . . . never mind . . ."
TC · Taylor, MI

Posted on Oct 31, 2010

"Great website! Was nice to see you at the Bears game. If you want updates via text for this Friday's game let me know."
Bud Renaud · Wyandotte. MI

Posted on Oct 31, 2010

"Just wanted everyone to know how excited I am for the launch of the NEW & vastly IMPROVED (4.0) knope.com!

Hope to see YOU at one of my upcoming shows very soon..."
Mark Knope · Toledo, OH

Posted on Jul 20, 2010

U ROCK, my friend!"
Jazzy · Arizona

Posted on May 09, 2010

"Loved your show at Thirstys. Laughed so hard my sides hurt all the next day. Hope you come back. Thanks. Teresa, actually from LaFayette, Ohio LOL"
Teresa · Beaverdam, Ohio

Posted on May 08, 2010

"Loved the show last night! We thought it was going to be a little stuffy being put on by the arts partnership, you were great!!!! Laughed so hard it hurt. You were all excellent!"
Wendy · Findlay, Ohio

Posted on Mar 11, 2010

"Hey Mark!

It's Kelsey, from Dough Boyz in Ashville, OH. I just wanted to tell you again how awesome your show was, and would love to see it again! It's such a shame how lame of a crowd it was that night. Thanks again for the cd for my dad. We listened to it, and it was awesome!!

Thanks again for a great show, and God bless!
Kelsey from Ohio."
Kelsey Hinojosa · Grove City, OH

Posted on Feb 21, 2010

"Great show on the Bulldog campus, big laughs with a Bulldog bite"
darren templeton · Big Rapids,MiGreat

Posted on Feb 20, 2010


Posted on Feb 12, 2010

"hay doll, just signed up for the newsletter...hope to see you soon!"
jooolz · milwaukee, wi

Posted on Jan 08, 2010

"Caught your show at the Layfette comedy club 01.03.09 Good job. You gave me your card so I thought I would check it out. Nice site. Looks good.
Samantha B"
samantha boise · Parkersburg, West Virginia

Posted on Dec 04, 2009

"Hey Mark,thanks for your buisness,i really appreciate it! Great site you have here,next time you are in the area im going to get the guys together and stop out and see ya.If you ever need anything,you know where i am,thanks again man! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
Jason White · Maumee,Ohio

Posted on Oct 12, 2009

"Caught your show at the Yacht Club on Saturday. Great job, keep it up!"
Joe · Mentor, OH

Posted on Jun 11, 2009

"Hi Mark! I saw your show at the Barrel of Laughs on Findlay, OH a few yrs. back. I was the the 1 u liked to pick on. I told you I was a truck driver (Commodities Relocation Specialist). Your show was awesome! I golf too and I shoot mid 80's."
Bob Balderson · Fremont, OH

Posted on May 13, 2009

"Dear Mark, I am writing to THANK YOU! for donating a portion of your CD sales to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on May 2nd when you did your rip roarin' act in Port Huron at The U Lounge! Thank you for your marvelous generosity! With your help we gave $901.00 to St. Jude! I am a friend of Cristin's (she does my hair)! We had a wonderful night; great food and lot's of laughs! Thank you very, very much!
Sincerely, Crystal Mosher"
Crystal Mosher · Ft. Gratiot, MI 48059

Posted on May 07, 2009

"Awesome show, my cheeks are hurting. I was the one who hollared out you found Footville by the Gazette. Come back sometime. I golf too and shoot a round of 100 OR SO."
Rick Knecht · Janesville, Wisconsin

Posted on May 04, 2009

"you need a show in toledo maumee area"
Neal · Maumee, ohio

Posted on Apr 25, 2009

Sure had a great time listening to you at Pasquali's in Negaunee, MI. We will definetely come see you again when you venture up this way again:-) Hope your stay at the Triangle was memorable!
Nicole · Ishpeming, MI

Posted on Mar 15, 2009

"Hey Mark,
Just wanted to say thanks for such a Great time. You sure made Gary's night. Then of course you made his week when we read your journal. I was trying to send you a picture of the mountain man. He would really make a good mascot for West Virginia football. Thanks again,
Ruth n Gary"
Ruthie Gibson · The Gary Show..Morgantown wv.

Posted on Feb 11, 2009

"Hi Mark,
It's been forever since you have been in Muskegon. When can we expect to see you again? We need a little laughter here soon.
Take care,
Linda Kelley · Muskegon

Posted on Jan 19, 2009

"It was great meeting you at the Auto Show in Greenville this weekend. Hope spending time with two engineers wasn't too bad for you. We both look forward to hopefully catching your act in the Carolina's someday.

Steven · Blacksburg, SC

Posted on Jan 17, 2009

"It was a hoot meeting you yesterday and sharing all those stories about CMU, although we are a decade apart it was like sharing with an old friend........

Someday I hope to hear your stand-up routine.....

Karen · Greenville, South Carolina

Posted on Oct 03, 2008


Great meeting you today! I started laughing when I saw that you were in Lubbock in '89... I worked out there before I went into the Army in '90, and I played music in Froggy Bottoms - Lubbock and Dallas. Give us a shout when you are back in Dallas! (By the way, my wife is going to start wearing pants that say "stop looking at my ass" on them) ; )

Monty Cook
News/Talk 820 - WBAP"
Monty Cook · Dallas, Texas

Posted on Oct 02, 2008

My name is Mark Maze. I am a long time friend of Barb and Tom Yack. I was performing some walk-around magic at a fundraiser tonight and got to talking about my stage show. Tom suggested that I contact you for some help in getting some gigs. I have a funny, audience interactive, comedy magic show. I have performed at Joeys Comedy club, Wise Guys, theaters, and corporate conventions. I am interested in agent representation and hope taht you can help me get in contact with someone. Also, I am interested in warming up or headlining shows. Please let me know if you are able to put me in contact with the right people or if you could use someone to open for you. I have references.
Mark A. Maze"
Mark Maze · Canton

Posted on Sep 21, 2008

sandy gorham · Dundee,Mich.{bugtussel}formerly from the downriver area!!!

Posted on Aug 11, 2008

"Hey Mark,
Just visited your site, pretty cool!!! I'm gonna see ya next time your around. Take care.
Jim Schartz · Wyandotte, Mi

Posted on Jun 29, 2008

"Hey Mark! I'm that girl you met at the Freedom Festival. You know? The girl that had the shirt on that you liked, because it said "Live Well, Laugh Often" It's me. My dad and I really enjoyed talking with you. I thought it was neat to meet someone like you. Strange how you know someone who has a lake really close to my friends lakehouse. Well hope to see you again soon! I will totally consider having you at my wedding. =) Your funny.

Nice talking to you. -Kelsey-"
Kelsey · Evansville, IN

Posted on Jun 13, 2008

"Mark - Had a great time last night in Zanesville...you may be one of the funniest guys that I have ever met! I laughed so much last night that my face was STILL hurting this morning when I woke up....incredible.
Your inteaction with the crowd was great...especially with the girl that was sitting at my table....the fox tattoo was just too perfect! You definitely hit that one right out of the park! haha
It was cool to hang out with you at The Barn. Had no idea that you were a normal guy off stage...I figured you would be cracking on everyone, but to my surprise you were very personable and could hold a conversation with anyone.
Again, had a great time at the show, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing your show again!"
Phil Lash · McArthur, Ohio

Posted on Apr 13, 2008


My friends and I had a great time last night. We will definately check you out next time you are in the area."
Jerry Tuttle · Wyandotte

Posted on Apr 12, 2008

"Hi Mark, Seen you last night at the All Star Comedy Club. Great Show! Shayna and I enjoyed visiting with you afterwards also, you are quite the gentleman. :-) We will spread the word! Thanks again, Barb"
Barb · Gibraltar, MI

Posted on Mar 26, 2008

"Wow, saw you last night at our appreciation dinner, you rocked. I had heard you before on Bob and Tom, and the radio does you no justice. My boss and I are both from MI (she was the one from Wyandott, I'm from Detroit) so it is always good to see a hometown person make it. Great show, gonna take my wife to see you if you are ever at the Funny Bone."
Adam Bujalski · Elkhart, IN

Posted on Feb 06, 2008

"Do you remember the South Lyon Hotel Show? Any interest to repeat??!!!"
L Powell · S Lyon

Posted on Jan 10, 2008

"Mark, I just saw the tour dates in MI for this weekend. I'm bummed we can't make it cause it looks like the last time you'll be in MI for a while. Make sure you come back soon and post it on your newsletter.....Andy and I will be watching for it!!!"
Christine Swanson · Lansing, MI

Posted on Jan 06, 2008

"Hey, my husband and I saw your show at the Old Mill in Dundee and we thought you were absolutely hilarious. You kept us laughing the whole time. We would love to see one of your shows again. Keep the laughter rolling!!"
Lisa · Findlay, Ohio

Posted on Dec 13, 2007

Amy Jagnecki · Centerline Mech. South Bend

Posted on Dec 04, 2007

"Hey Mark, Miss you..when you coming back to the Muskegon area. Would love to catch your show again. xoxo
Linda (Spin)
Linda · Muskegon, Mi

Posted on Nov 23, 2007

"it was nice meeting you at the LA auto show you were a cool and fun guy,keep in touch with me"
Zach · Lancaster,California

Posted on Oct 21, 2007

"Found out that you are not a true Knope but you can be a friend anyways..."
John Knope · Kissimmee, Fl

Posted on Oct 20, 2007

"Mark Great Meeting you in Dallas. Hopefully I'll see you in LA. I'd love to catch one of your shows"
Omar The Biilngual Guy · Chicago

Posted on Sep 29, 2007

"Thanks Mark for two great shows in "Hamney". Also a BIG THANKS for your performance at Lea's Chairty Golf Outing. Hope you liked the Golf Course. You are welcome any time, just call me. Lea hasn't laughed that hard in a long time.
Thanks again,
Ray and Lea Biando"
Chef Ray · Whispering Pines Golf Club Pinckney MI.

Posted on Sep 01, 2007

"Third time seeing you in action and I still can't stop laughing....BEST show EVER!!!! Can't wait until your back in town....MUAH!!!!"
Heaven Reinert · Brighton

Posted on Aug 30, 2007



Posted on Aug 24, 2007

"Hi Mark

Nice job at Jack's last night, laughed my ass off! Tell Dwain he did a great job too.


That guy in the wheelchair"
Andy · Grand Haven

Posted on Aug 22, 2007

Greetings from Possis Medical's National Sales Meeting in Lake Tahoe. Earlier in the week some Sales Reps. were reminicing on how funny you were at our last NSM on Chesapeake Bay. Sorry our schedules did not allow hooking up this summer. Stay in touch.

Keep'em laughing,
Shawn McCarrey · Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Posted on Aug 18, 2007


I've seen your last two shows when came to town I alway enjoy a good laugh theysay laughing is the best medience that doctors can prescribe. This last time I just to walking the window of display during that week otherwise I would have missed you that's I'd made the request of being contacted in the future by email keep up the good work, I've play the cd of yours that i gotten from you for my one niece well traveling on the road to Kansas City, KS to visit my sister she enjoy listing to it for some good laughs."
Tom Kyllo · Gonnnies Comedy Club of Rochester, MN

Posted on Aug 05, 2007

Great time golfing with you in Coralville, Ia. Keep your day "night" job."
Mike R · Stillwater, MN

Posted on Jul 30, 2007

"HI :)
I too can always use a friend! Great show Sunday nite at the casino in Escanaba. I'm Nete the one in the little blue dress. It was well worth the hour drive. Hope to hear from you. Let me know when your back this way and I'll make sure I bring friends with me."
nete · marquette Michigan

Posted on Jul 30, 2007

"Mark, I just have to say you're one of the coolest comedians I've had the pleasure of meeting while working at Jokers! You put on a great show! Thankfully you had a better crowd on Saturday! Hope you enjoyed Iowa! I wish you luck!

By the way, you never paid your door tab. . But, I suppose I'll let it slide this time!"
Megan · Cedar Falls, IA

Posted on Jul 15, 2007

"Hey Mark,
Good show at the P-Burg Inn last Thursday. Will have to check out your next show in the Michigan area. Thanks for the thong,"
Jeff B. and Lisa B. · Prestonsburg, KY (but really the Detroit, MI area)

Posted on Jul 09, 2007

"Great Elvis pics and damn you are a cutie.. xoxoxo, Deb"
Deborah · Saint Louis, MO

Posted on Jul 02, 2007

"Hello there handsome!

Saw your Saturday show at the Mainstreet Comedy Club in Ann Arbor! I sat front row center and it was a blast. You are a very funny entertaining man. I will definitely have to make another show soon.

Enjoy your success!
Catherine · Ann Arbor, MI

Posted on Jun 27, 2007

"Mark, I was unable to find your personal web address. I wanted to invite you to a Michigan reception for my oldest son who was recently married. I know you may be on the road...Date July 8, 1:30-3:30 pm, Traditions club house (Canton Center and Ford road), south of Ford and west of Canton Center. Let me know if you can make it."
tom yack · canton, mi 48188

Posted on Jun 25, 2007

"HI Mark! I'm Heather Ballard (Bossert)'s sister-in-law - hopefully you remember me from your recent trip to Kansas City. We were just talking about you this weekend when I hosted a Girls Night Out at the lake..... Booze and boating got your buddy Heather pretty loopy! I hope you can make it back to KC soon and better yet - play one of the comedy clubs out here. I promise to bring a posse to cheer you on. Nice website - you work hard at your profession and it shows! Take care, Melinda"
Melinda Bossert · Kansas City, MO

Posted on Jun 21, 2007

"Are you are true "Knope" descendent? If so, it's nice to know that we possibly have someone famous related to us."
Andrea Knope · PA

Posted on Jun 09, 2007

"Great show! Nice website too. I'd go see it again in Flint if I wasn't the lazyiest stalker on earth."
Jim · Off Toledo

Posted on Jun 09, 2007

"Hello Mark, I was at your show friday night and you were hilarious. Even though you had some country folks in the front giving you a hard time while you were trying to tape....lol:) it was still a very funny and excellent show.

P.S. I'm located in Toledo not Swanton LOL"
Lisa Johnson · Toledo, Ohio

Posted on Jun 02, 2007

"Hi Mark,

Candice says Hello! Sorry I was a drunken distraction at your show. I had a blast though. I needed to laugh so bad and you put a smile on my face! Wish there was more to offer in the town of Manistique, but there's not! Thanks for the laughs!"
Tricia Noble · Manistique, MI

Posted on May 27, 2007

"Mark, my husband and I were at the show at Jeremiah Bullfrog's in Topeka. You are so damn funny! My husband is Harry, one of the guys you were picking on in the audience, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!! He thought it was hilarious too! Thanks again, take care, and we can't wait to see you in the area again!"
Gina · McLouth, KS

Posted on May 18, 2007

"hi mark, you must be a relative. I am from the detroit area.
anyway sounds like your doing great! . I will talk to my mother
and find the family tree connection. Keep up the good work
cuz. . I will e-mail you with more info later.
my name is steven, older brother phil,
parents are marian & phillip."
steven knope · stuart, fl

Posted on May 05, 2007

"Hi Mark,

I was the woman at Lt's Pam that had the dolphin with the hard on. Man that was some funny shit! I just wanted to thank you again for the laughs & sharing your knee story. I was thinknig holy shit I can't wait until I can bend my leg like that & you kind of reassured me things will get better! Good luck on your comedy shows in your future! You are hilarious!


Pam Knutson · Rockford/Lt"s

Posted on Apr 29, 2007

"Great website! I'll be sure to catch your act this summer! That Bill Clinton stuff still makes me laugh! If Hillary gets elected I am sure you will have more good material!"
Bud · Wyandotte Heights, MI

Posted on Apr 15, 2007

"HEY MARK!!! ITs been a lot of years since high school, but I'm so glad I can come here and see how your doing. I hope to make it to one of your performances this year as I am traveling north this summer on vacation. Take care and keep us laughing...its the best medicine in the world!! Hugs to ya former classmate from RHS in Wyandotte, Millie Salliotte"
Millie Salliotte · Leesville, Lousiana

Posted on Apr 12, 2007

"My Dearest Mark....

Long time no talk cutie. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to get my new beau out to see you when your back in Michigan....it will either be in Flint...or in Novi...but I'm shooting for Flint since thats only 1 hour away. Can't wait to see your sexy butt again....keep the laughs coming baby. Your the best!!~


Cristin... The finest Port Huron Hairstylist....lol"
Cristin · Michigan, Port Huron

Posted on Apr 05, 2007

Looking over the sight it is good to se things are still working for you.. I keep checking to see when you're coming back to "The Land of Entrapment" but Laff's says "Nothing yet". :-( Jamie and I had a blast at your show and I hope we can get some advance notice when you're coming back. I still feel pretty good when I remember how I helped you keep the show on track. I REALLY hope to hear from you sometime. We're in the book, Jamie's name is first. (just as it should be)
Your friend in comedy and Albuquerque,
Tom Timberman · Albuquerque, NM

Posted on Mar 14, 2007

It was great talking to you at the auto show. I look forward to seeing your act sometime.

Angelina & Brian (CMU Grad)"
angelina mancuso · Atlanta

Posted on Feb 18, 2007

"tonites show was great, i loved it. i normally go to the barrel of laughs club alot, i brought 2 new people out tonite, they really enjoyed the show, and i know they'll tell more. Your show was unique and very good. i laughed so much, by time i left my cheeks hurt. This was definatley one of the best shows i have seen.
you should get a DVD out there for everyone to see."
belinda · findlay ohio

Posted on Feb 15, 2007

"I was at Portafino's for last nights show 2/14 with a friend and I loved it , we laughed all night. I can't wait till you come back again and can take some other people./
Great Job, but of course we wouldn't expects any less from a Wyandotter."
Linda · Wyandotte, Michigan

Posted on Feb 13, 2007

"Great stuff, my new friend! Can't wait to see you at Groucho's/Gregory's/Ocean View Landing....(whatever they call it!)...on beautiful, world-famous Cocoa Beach. Today it's 75 and sunny.

Camy · Melbourne, FL

Posted on Jan 21, 2007

"I was just listening to your September 01, 2005 appearance of the Bob and Tom Show and wanted to send my regards. Keep up the great work."
Jeff Payton · Chattanooga, Tennessee

Posted on Jan 21, 2007

"A job well done even in the trying circumstances - we did indeed watch each other's mascara run. Far cheaper and more effective than "counseling" - thanks a bunch!!!"
Kathy · Jackson, Michigan

Posted on Jan 20, 2007

"Hey there, you've got a couple prison nurses coming to see you in Jackson. We're way ready for the healing power of laughter. Can't wait to watch each other's mascara run!"
Kathy · Jackson, Michigan

Posted on Jan 02, 2007

"What a heart this man has. I haven't seen him in years and yet he made the time to pay a visit to my father's funeral. I was so touched.

Is he funny? Yes. But, he also has a real, geniune heart. Thanks Mark."
Jim Pagano · Vero Beach, FL

Posted on Dec 11, 2006

First and most importantly, Happy Birthday. Second, I understand you "slayed'em" at the PMI Holiday Luncheon last Friday, so congratulations! Sorry I could not make Friday's gig due to a business commitment in DC.

Happiest of holidays my friend to you and yours,
Shawn McCarrey · Atlanta

Posted on Nov 17, 2006

"Hey Mark! When are you coming back to the Flint area? Been a while since we chatted...would be great to catch up again!"
Kelly · Flint, MI

Posted on Sep 20, 2006

Hi. I was part of the table of six ladies to stage left at Wisecrackers for Saturday's late show. We had a blast! You're hilarious. It's hit-or-miss with some of the performers there, but you were definitely a hit! We were at the club celebrating a friend's birthday, and you certainly added to the celebration. We'll keep an eye on your tour schedule and maybe we'll catch your show again. You rock!"
Vanessa · Schererville, Indiana

Posted on Sep 18, 2006

"I was with a group of 5 other people and we all totally enjoyed your show! Haven't laughed so much at a comic in such a long time. Hadn't been to Wisecrackers in such a long time. Will be disappointed though if I go back and the comic isn't as funny."
Denise Cruz · Crown Point, IN

Posted on Sep 07, 2006

Great show!! I wasn't sure how you were going to make it corprate, but it was very good! Drop me a line the next time your going to be in Indy, and where your show will be, maybe we can chase that little white ball.
Jay Simon · Possis NSM @ Chesapeake Bay MD

Posted on Aug 31, 2006

"GREAT SHOW last nite... and enjoyed the time we had to talk. Looking fwd to working with ya again SOON! Take care bro..
God bless
p.s. you are welcome on the show anytime-- especially in studio! Remember-- I am carb free-- thanx to your ideas!
wes bennett/morning dude
wes and april in the morning
W3D (WDDD) 107.3 fm
1822 N COURT, MARION, IL, 62959
618-997-8123 BUS.LINE
618-997-8121 STUDIO HOTLINE
Wes and April in the morning · Marion, IL

Posted on Aug 22, 2006

"Enjoyed meeting and talking to you today. You have a very user friendly web page. Good luck!"
Bushey Wright · Chesapeake Bay, MD

Posted on Aug 11, 2006

"Hey hon!
Just stoppin by to check out your new page. Looks awesome!! Love it!!"
Lexi · Novii

Posted on Aug 03, 2006

You had us all laughing Tuesday and you have us all talking now. Let us know when you will be performing again in Huron Ohio. You definately know how to bring on the "ha-ha"!!!!"
one of the Wisteria girls in Huron · Ohio

Posted on Aug 01, 2006

"Cool new site Mark!!!! I like the way it shows all the radio and tv shows you've been on. (very impressive) The photo gallery seems to be a good marketing tool. "Family Vacation" is a funny bit.

Dave Bell · Detroit

Posted on Jul 23, 2006

"Hey! It's one of your Jackson people here that seen you last night...I'm sure you know which one...Chelsie!! I just wanted to let you know once again how great the show was and we will definitely be lookin out for ya to see you again!! It was wonderful. Thanks for the great show! See ya later!! :)"
Chelsie · Jackson, MI

Posted on Jun 30, 2006

"Hey it J.J. 4 Clubs Hooper I bought them at a Pawn Shop and some of it from a yard sell now I have almost a complete set from different things. Ashley is the girl on my arms and yes she is use my story any time hope to stay in touch"
J.J. · Athens, WV, US

Posted on Jun 27, 2006

"Hey Mark... It's the girl with the prison numbers after her email name...lol I know I didn't see one of your shows "YET"!!~ But I really couldn't imagine you being any funnier...since you kept me laughing all last night. The golf outing was fun and after it was even more enjoyable. Thanks for being there so I could have the chance to meet such a wonderful person. Keep the world laughing...it's very refreshing. Can't wait to see you again. Keep me posted when your coming back to town. Talk soon. Cristin, Port Huron, Michigan"
Cristin · Port Huron, Michigan

Posted on Jun 20, 2006

"The content of your show is great, I really enjoy it."
Maxinsao · Good site

Posted on Jun 12, 2006

"Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz."
cwiiml@yahoo.com · cwiiml@yahoo.com

Posted on May 26, 2006

"Really like your CD! Had it on in the car on the way to the office today and thought I'd look up your web page. We attended your show in St. Joseph (MO) in April. Please let me know when you have a new CD available and thank you for visiting with us after the show. I can only apologize about Archie - the guy that was only half here, but just too drunk to know when he needed to sit down and be quiet. (Maybe I should not have brought it up?) I never met him before, have not seen him since, and hope he never finds his way back to the Cobblestone Comedy Club. I hope you can come back one of these days soon - under better cicumstances. Best of luck to you."
Brad · Saint Joseph, MO USA

Posted on May 18, 2006

"You seriously almost made me pee my pants..you are wicked funny, keep up the good work!!!"
Danielle · Youngstown, Ohio

Posted on May 17, 2006

"Mark your show was a riot even though you picked on me all night. I will be in touch with the funny farm to see if we can get you down here in Youngstown, Ohio. Keep up the good HaHa."
Kenny Reyes · Youngstown, Ohio

Posted on May 14, 2006

"Mark, You were great last night at CGS school in Lincoln Park. We love it when you heckle the hecklers! You brought the ha-ha and everyone had a great time. ~The Bee Keeper"
Nancy and Ken · Chesterfield, MI

Posted on Apr 27, 2006

"I'm not sure what show Jackie was at - you rocked the room, Mark - when you weren't being interrupted by that wedding group in the corner! I can't believe the Bullfrog staff stood by and let all that happen. Unfortunately, I was a couple of tables away from them and we really had to concentrate to hear everything you were doing. It wouldn't surprise me if "Jackie" was one of the people AT that disruptive table. Wish they'd gone somewhere else that night. Keep up the good work, Mark!"
Rusty · Auburn, KS

Posted on Apr 25, 2006

"Mark was kick ass at the Bullfrog. Those women saturday night including the one that got onstage were annoying as hell. I cant see why the club didnt kick them out. Anyway, keep bringing the ha-ha!"
Brain · Topeka, KS

Posted on Apr 24, 2006

"Lets see if u post this one. I was at Bullfrogs on Saturday night. I happen to think that you were being very rude and that the comment Of "Stupid Fucking Bitch That Won't Shut-up"was totaly uncalled for. The Bachlorette party did not prevent me from hearing you. Frankly I did not think you were all that funny. I have seen many shows at Bullfrogs and you were one of the rudest comedians that I have had the displeasure of listening to."
Jackie · Topeka, Ks

Posted on Apr 22, 2006

"Hey Mark, even though there were a few ummm.... distractions in your show :) It was still a good one. Me and my sister had fun even though it was a little embarassing. Hope to see ya back in JOe town!!!"
stephanie · saint.joseph, MO

Posted on Apr 07, 2006

"Hey Mark, Just wanted to say thanks again for coming to Romulus to perform at my husband's benefit! We so appreciated you being a part of the evening along with the friends that agreed to perform on Ed's behalf also. We don't know where this journey is going to lead us, but we're trusting God! God bless you!"
Kelley · Michigan

Posted on Mar 21, 2006

"Hey Mark, thanks for sending us the update. Listen, when you have a weekend I know Bill would like to get together (maybe at the cabin) and have a Guys weekend. Maybe with Wachol & Galletti. Let us know when you are available. Stacie Esh"
Stacie Eshenroder · Brentwood, TN

Posted on Feb 20, 2006

"Just wanted to tell you that your show on Friday night was hilarious! Great Job!"
Laura · Toledo, OH

Posted on Jan 24, 2006

"My wife & I loved your show at Joey's in Dearborn. Keep the Hard & Long going!"
Joel & Nancy · Dearborn, MI

Posted on Jan 23, 2006

"We just wanted to thank you again for the ha-ha on Friday night at Joey's in Dearborn. We had a great time and really, really enjoyed your show. We think you are very funny and talented. You had us laughing all night. Let us know when you're performing back in town again. We've told other people how funny you are and how they should catch your show. Take care and thanks again, Michelle, Mike, Rebecca and Russell"
Michelle · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Jan 23, 2006

"Mark - Great show Friday night! We both laughed our asses off. You're very - very good. When in California, I used to watch a dozen or more comedy acts every week. You are definitely at the top level. I can only imagine, how hard you've worked. And, it's obvious how much you love doing comedy."
Gerry · Allen Park, MI

Posted on Dec 30, 2005

"Mark, Thanks for the family mention on your site. Thanks for making my birthday celebration so much fun even if it was at my sister,Gail's expense! We may become your groupies! Deb"
Deb BABcock · Muskegon,MI

Posted on Dec 22, 2005

"Mark did a free show benifiting Toys for Tots on Dec. 20. His show was amazing, as ususal. I was however, a bit disturbed by the act following his. Mark's act was interrupted and had the mic taken out of his hands from the following comedian. I was amazed by this and could see the suprise in Mark's eyes by the actions taken by the act following his. I don't know what is the norm for comedy shows, but feel that this isn't. I was very unimpressed by the conduct of the act following Mark. Being an outstanding, good person, I hope he doesn't have to deal with being disrespected like that again."
Eric · Bowling Green, OH

Posted on Dec 21, 2005

"Saw you last night at Easy Street in BG at the Toys for Tots show - funny shit! What was the deal with the radio guy who dissed you after your act? That wasn't cool at all. He was rude. Anyway, keep up the good work and have a great holiday! It was cool that you guys put on a show to collect toys for kids!"
Jimmy T. · Haskins, OH

Posted on Dec 13, 2005

steve zaddock · wyandotte

Posted on Nov 28, 2005

"What's up Mark? Was thinkin of you today, wondering how things are going for you. Would love to hit up one of your shows. Let me know where and when. Take care Sunshine"
Sunshine · Michigan

Posted on Nov 07, 2005

"I was at the St. Pius fundraiser in Southgate and thought you were great. Just wanted to know how you put up with all the loudmouths in the audience? Especially all the drunk Woo-Hoo-ers. You held your own and held it well! Thanks for a great evening!"
Nancy · Chesterfield, MI, USA

Posted on Nov 06, 2005

"Mark, it was great working with you this evening. Your show is always great every time I've seen or worked with you... Thanks for the comment on the Spinakers site.... Keep up the good work and stop in sometime for a beer...Maybe we can set up a show at the bar? TJ Monte"
TJ Monte · Wyandotte

Posted on Oct 30, 2005

"Just wanted to let you know that not all people in Howell are as tasteless and ignorant as the racist jerk who was at the show on 10/29/05. I was completely outraged by his remark, but very impressed by how you handled it. You put on a great show and I hope that you will return to Howell in the future."
· Howell, MI

Posted on Oct 17, 2005

"We enjoyed visiting with you at the Texas State Fair.We found your card & decided to pull up your web site. We enjoyed talking to you about the trucks. We wish you the best. God Bless you."
Billy & Peggy Morris · Dallas, Texas

Posted on Sep 27, 2005

"Mark, thank you so much for the great performance at the BOB for our customers at Waste Management. They will never forget such a wonderful evening that you made possible."
Carey Weihmiller · Romulus, Michigan

Posted on Sep 24, 2005

"Great show at the BOB on Wednesday. We all laughed our asses off. It's good to know that one of our fellow CMU alum is doing well. Keep up the great work and add us to you mailing list - WE WANT MORE KNOPE! We look forward to seeing you again soon and thanks for an evening of laughs!"
Steven J. Allen · Oxford, MI

Posted on Sep 05, 2005

"Wow! I had an AWESOME time at Crackers on Sunday. You were soooo hilarious. I've been to Crackers many-a-time and your show was definitely THE best one. I definitely about crap my pants from laughing too hard. Your cop jokes were hilarious... the whole Officer Keith and Robin (aka Mike) thing was soooo funny. Thanks for putting Mike and I in your journal! Hope to see you soon. Brianna"
Brianna · Fishers, IN

Posted on Sep 05, 2005

"Hey Mark! I am so glad that I ran into you again! Your show was very entertaining. Thanks for the shout out on your website!! Hopefully I will get to see you soon....You know where to find me on Saturday nights! Ashley"
Ashley (from landsharks) · Carmel, IN

Posted on Sep 05, 2005

"Hey, just wanted to say I enjoyed the show Saturday at Crackers, in Broad Ripple. I'd never been to a comepy show of any kind before, but now I think I'll try to go regularly. It's kinda hard to find stuff to do when you're 30 ish, but this was cool. I thought it was neat that you talked with my friends and me after the show. ("Birth Buddies") Take care, Fred"
Fred · Indianapolis, IN

Posted on Sep 05, 2005

"You were great to work with!!! Hope it happens again.... Big Love, XOxoXOxoxoxoxXO~~ MelanieMaloy.com"
Melanie · Pa.

Posted on Sep 04, 2005

"We just saw you at Crackers in Broad Ripple. Very Funny cop jokes. Poor Trooper Tom ! :) hope he dont ever catch you speeding. LOL."
Trent & Darci Rhoades · Kokomo , IN

Posted on Sep 04, 2005

"Thank you for the laughs; it was funny as hell!! Keep up the great work! :)"
Billy and Kelly · Indianapolis, IN

Posted on Sep 02, 2005

"Hey you! we cought your show in August.It was a wonderful ending to a crap day.I laughed the entire time.I have the capac husband,and your name "hard K long O" three days i was saying it.We will see you again.Thanks!"
charissa · sterling heights,mi

Posted on Sep 01, 2005

"Who knows we may be related! You are friggin hilarious! I will definitly come see you again. MAGAS WEB."

Posted on Aug 25, 2005

"Who knows we may be related!"
John Knope · Kissimmee, Fl

Posted on Aug 22, 2005

"You are friggin hilarious! I will definitly come see you again."
Kathy · Shelby Twp, MI

Posted on Aug 19, 2005

"Hey Mark, Coming to the show tonight. Bringing my buddy Karl Rosenberger and his wife for his Birthday. Later Brian"
Brian Birdsall · Sterling Heights, MI

Posted on Aug 14, 2005


Posted on Aug 13, 2005

"I met Mark while selling condominiums in Taylor Michigan...and as of yet to see him perform... Hoping to make it to Clinton Township in August!!!"
cindy · lake orion,mi..usa

Posted on Aug 10, 2005

"Mark, Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for your appearance on Sunday for Wade George. You are such a gift from god for taking the time out of your schedule to do that appearance, and I wanted to thank you for what you did. God Bless and Thanks Again, Janice Freeman"
Janice · Flint, MI USA

Posted on Aug 01, 2005

"hey Mark... see you are coming to MI soon. i'll have to round up some ppl and come see ya! have a good one."
Keely · Lansing MI

Posted on Jul 19, 2005

"Hi Mark, looking forward to seeing you soon! keep up the good work and make RHS proud!"
Bud · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Jun 07, 2005

"MK, Haven't visitied in a long time. Outstanding updates! The Site really looks great. Can't remember what brought me here though, musn't be that important...oh yeah copyright infringement...the MK is way too close to the TK! You watch it mister. TK"
Tony Knuckles · In a place far, far, away

Posted on Jun 04, 2005

Allie and Ben · Indianapoils, Indiana, US

Posted on May 31, 2005

Jessica · Gibbonsville, Idaho

Posted on May 25, 2005

"Mark Great show at AMVETS Post 1957 in Adrian. Sorry about the one way streets....."
Ron · Adrian, MI

Posted on May 25, 2005

"Seen your show last night at AmVets!! I had a great time... hope to see your show again soon. :)"
Melissa · Adrian, MI

Posted on Apr 24, 2005

"Hey Mark...When are you going to be out in So Cal again so I can say hi?"
Deborah · Rancho Cucamonga, California

Posted on Apr 14, 2005

"keep makin em laugh, g! http://www.standupshop.com/store/vendorStore.phtml?vendorId=428&vendorType=1"
memee http://www.standupshop.com/store/vendorStore.phtml?vendorId=428&vendo · Huntsville, AL

Posted on Feb 24, 2005

"Great show tonight Mark! I was one of the "prison gang" and got your cd. Sorry about "Travis"...2 words for ya: "friendly fire!" Best of luck in the future!"
tom · adrian, mi

Posted on Feb 07, 2005

"Bet I can Beat you at golf...(ha,ha,ha,)"
Chris Trutza · Cleveland,Oh-U.S.A.

Posted on Feb 04, 2005

"Hey there, we had a great time watching you at the Bally! Really enjoyed the show! Thanks a bunch!"
Amanda · Terre Haute, In

Posted on Jan 19, 2005

"Mark! Geez look who's big time, in that 12-17 photo with the Newt....I gotta ask........ WHICH ONE IS YOU? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Chelle"
Chelle · Phoenix

Posted on Jan 19, 2005

"Hey Mark, Sending you well wishes from you friend up North, I hope you get to Bay Mills again , Your a gifted comedian! Get fit in 2005 its your year to come Alive, Love MAXX"
Max · Sault Ste Mare Michigan

Posted on Dec 29, 2004

"Hey.. gonna be near Memphis any time soon?"
Linda Gatlin · Memphis, Tn

Posted on Dec 22, 2004

"Hey Mark, Its been a while. See your gonna be in town again in Jan. Looking forward to dropping in and saying hello. Should I bring the Kindergarden Graduation Pics of us all playing plastic gutiars and singing like The Beatles ??"
Rusty · Southgate, MI

Posted on Dec 20, 2004

"What about those Blue FIRE TRUCKS Brought is the best at what we do. And i got my Homework for yea if you still want it."
Dan Stipanovich · SouthPrak PA 15129

Posted on Dec 20, 2004

""Ben" would be my very cool nine-year-old nephew from Indianapolis - and the "other guy" he's referring to, I believe; is WAYNE NEWTON. I just posted a pic of the two of us - taken right after the show I did with him in Cleveland on 12/17 at The Palace Theater. Had a blast..."
Mark Knope · On the road...in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted on Dec 20, 2004

"We saw your picture of you and the one other guy!"
Ben Horton · Indianapolis

Posted on Dec 10, 2004

"Nice website dude. Very proffessional (colemanism). Hope we cross paths on the road."
Bill Blank · Des Moines, IA

Posted on Nov 24, 2004

"Love your website. Enjoyed talking to you at the Orlando Auto Show (the Waterford couple). Will revisit your website to see if you are playing in the Orlando area anytime soon. Would love to see your show. Good luck opening for Wayne."
Marlene · Clermont, FL

Posted on Nov 21, 2004

"From Mark's Newsletter: "Watch the Lions win after the BIG meal - never bet against the Lions on Turkey day! There's something about the Lions and the last Thursday in November...it's magic!" Mark Knope So now you're a football analyst? So now you KNOW for a fact that the Lions will win this week? People who make bold predictions must be prepared to support their claims by gambling on them. In fact, gambling may have been invented for just that reason, to make people pay for making false predictions in public. In order to validate your opinion - that the Lions will win - you must be prepared to gamble, to put all your cards on the table, put up or shut up. Now, I have nothing against the Lions or any team. All I care about is how a team's performance might influence my bet. Therefore, I am totally unbiased and (therefore once again) am well qualified to give my opinion. It is my duty as an honorable citizen to hold you at your word. You have stated without reservation that the Lions will win this week. In order to validate your claim you must be prepared to support it by betting everything you own on the Lions this week . Oh, by the way, if it makes you feel any better, I bet against the Lions today - and lost.. I know the Vikings suck, but I had to bet on SOMEBODY, didn't I? Anyway, that was just one game. I never said I was perfect. But I am a great handicapper, not just of sports, but of life in general. That makes me great. Bet on it! TJ"
TJ · Winston Salem, NC

Posted on Nov 21, 2004

"Mark You are the best... When are you going to be coming out to Rochester????? I would love to see you. Hope all is going well and Happy Holidays!!! Love Rachel"
Rachel Rosa · Rochester, New York

Posted on Nov 19, 2004

"just want to say that your show was a blast friend of joebob"
D. Carlson · Negaunee MI

Posted on Nov 03, 2004

"Mr. Knope how the hell are ya? I'm still using the " I buy off e-bay from chambermaster" tag thanks again! Well I swapped regions with you, although right know I'll take the shorter road trips for the weather. Anyway I see your posts on NLM quite a bit so I thought I'd say hello. Take care, Rodney"
Rodney Hood · Phoenix, AZ

Posted on Oct 28, 2004

"Mark, Your show was just great Saturday night. We had such a good time! That Chrissy is a scream! But, of course, you are just the best!!!! I was also surprised you mentioned my name in your website. That was really nice. Anyway, have a great vacation. Hope the weather is good!! I think hurricane season is over now isn't it? Hope to run into you again soon. I'll keep up on your website and check on your shows that are coming up. I just might turn into a groupie!!! Talk to you later. Jan"
Jan Bullock · Riverview, MI

Posted on Oct 28, 2004

"hi mark very enteraining site.the mailman says hello,sorry i missed you at mike'party.hope to hear from you soon. ed adios amigo."
ed mardyla · lincoln park mich

Posted on Oct 25, 2004

"I never new having a beer would be so much fun what was i missing out on the past few years...On a serious note....It was wonderful meeting you we will be stuck togeather for many years to come Ciao ~ Merrith ~"
Merrith · Ann Arbor Michigan

Posted on Oct 24, 2004

"when are you coming back to caseys in lorain ohio.......the ducklady.lol"
lisa · Lorain ohio

Posted on Oct 08, 2004

"Great Web Site! Have fun at the game!"
Karen Navarre · Toledo, Ohio, USA

Posted on Oct 07, 2004

"Mark, I found your site via your siggie on "NobodyLikesMe.com." Your site is terrific, which is fairly rare among some of your peers. It's nice to see a professional-looking site with content that's useful and easy to find. Nice. Tom"
Tom Bickle · Manteca, CA, USA

Posted on Sep 21, 2004

"Hey Mark, I see you have a show in MI this next weekend... im thinking a road trip may be in order?? Gather up some of my girls and come see ya. hope all is well! ~keely"
Keely Knopp · United States

Posted on Sep 12, 2004

"What a cutie! Last night was my first time at a comedy show - it won't be my last. Funny man."
Tinabeana · Rochester Hills, MI

Posted on Sep 11, 2004

"Saw you at the comedy castle last night. You're a funny guy! You brought the haha! That State guy was a jerk. Too bad you had to waste your time on him."
Jimmy J. · Troy, MI

Posted on Sep 03, 2004

"Hi! I was one of the interns working at the Budd Lynch Celebrity outing at Grosse Ile this year. I just wanted to let you know that you made our day. Sitting out in the rain wasn\'t too fun but your jokes really cheered us up! Thanks!"
Phyllis C. · Southgate, MI

Posted on Aug 25, 2004

"Thanks for the link to this site. I\'m very impressed. Would love to see you perform live sometime, lemme know. Thanks again!! Sadie"
Isadora Tortorelli · Gainesville, Ga, USA

Posted on Aug 16, 2004

"I've been here before, Knope - good site, simple and uncluttered. Do me a favor and get rid of the backwards baseball cap. Why do people wear hats backwards? I think it's ok to wear a cap backwards if it doesn't have that stupid band on it. If you want to wear a cap, get yourself a beret. You can even have a mask of your face made and paste it to the back of your head so people can see your face at all times, with the hat weared frontwards or backwards. This reminds me of an idea I thought of years ago. You have a realistic mask of your face made and then wear it on the side of your face while you're driving down the hyway at 70 miles an hour. It can even be a mask of you smiling. Then, as you drive down the hyway people can see your smiling face staring at them out the window as you're doing 70 miles an hour. It will scare the shit out of them. You can even wave to them, as if you're looking at them, when in reality your eyes are clearly on the road. One day I will catch your act and will honor you with my own personal critique. Until then, adios and good luck. Tommy Joe"
Tommy Joe · Winston Salem

Posted on Aug 13, 2004

"Can\'t wait to see you perform at our comedy night Sept 16th at Arnaldo\'s in Riverview!! The women are going to LOVE you!! I\'ll try to keep the panties off the stage for you! LOL"
misti begeman · woodhaven, mi USA

Posted on Aug 09, 2004

"ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whoa ! very interesting site. keep it up."
morgan mugu mbagbada · usa

Posted on Aug 02, 2004

"We saw your show in Bloomington Saturday (we were at the Late show)night it was great well for the crowd that was there. Just wanted to know when you will be in the area again we would love to see you again with a full crowd."
Mary Comstock · Bloomington,IL,USA

Posted on Jul 16, 2004

"Hey Mark...Remember me? We roomed together freshman year at CMU..heard your name on the Radio that you were going to be at Soaring Eagle In Mt. P. Thats cool...I still hang out with Manley, Larson and James C quite a bit..in fact Manley owns a cabin on a lake about 20 minutes from me...well just wanted to say Hi. Take Care...Randy (Crandall)"
Randy Look · East Tawas, MI

Posted on Jul 09, 2004

"saw your show last night....very funny...thanks for a great time"
joel · spring lake mi

Posted on Jul 07, 2004

"greetings i am a martian your planet will be destroyed translation: hey im bored"
john · US

Posted on Jul 06, 2004

"Thought Mark was awesome..he rippled the show."
Linda · Muskegon,Mi

Posted on Jun 08, 2004

"It was great hooking up with you after so many years since the Duke City Comedy Club days. Albuquerque is lucky to call you it\'s native son. PS- Sorry about the strippers. I\'ll try to get you wallet back. BR"
Bill Resnik · Albuquerque, NM

Posted on May 29, 2004

"Hey Sexy! Saw your show tonight, May 29th, in OP! You are one talented man, I\'m sure in many ways! See Ya!"
Tammy Gilbert · Bates City, MO, USA

Posted on May 14, 2004

"Mark thanks for the wonderful show at Ninos on May 8th. We are all still laughing and can\'t wait until you come back to Muskegon.You are the best comic I have ever seen."
Jodi · Muskegon,MI,USA

Posted on May 12, 2004

"Hey Mark, great show at Nino\'s (5-8-04). Actually, it was only my second time (My grandma\'s first) at a comedy show...and boy I was starting to wonder what all the fuss was about....until you came on!! You had me cryin and beggin for more...THANK YOU!!"
Cheri~Jodi's friend :-) · Muskegon Mi

Posted on Apr 05, 2004

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did at our South Lyon Wrestling fundraiser. Thought you were very funny even with a couple 8 year olds eyeing you up in the \"front row\". I\'ll be out to see you in August at Joey\'s and we\'ll be in touch for a return for next years event. Take care, Mark R."
Mark R. · New Hudson, MI

Posted on Mar 24, 2004

"You did a wonderful show last night. Thanks for a great time!! Hope you made it home o.k. with all those dark side streets in South Lyon. Looking forward to another show!!"
Dr.(to be) Jamie · South Lyon, MI

Posted on Mar 23, 2004

"Hi I can\'t wait until your show this weekend I am looking foward to to being picked on or harassed, I wont be alone I\'ve hand picked the worlds biggest losers to make your job easier for targets always looken out for you! thug luv\'n big baby."
Tanya Hill · Westland, Mi, 48186

Posted on Mar 22, 2004

"You are adorable ~ see I DID keep your site in my fav places LOL"
Nancy ·

Posted on Mar 21, 2004

"I really had a great time listening to you and Christina Irene. Sorry for the microphone problem. Keep up the great work. I\'ll definitely come see your act again. Catch up on your Little Brown Jug info. if you come back to Delaware. Ha Ha Take care and good luck."
Chris · Brown Jug, Ohio

Posted on Mar 14, 2004

"Mark, I saw you in Walled Lake last year and bought your CD. You should submit your CD to XM Radio\'s Channel 150. They made an appeal for new material and I don\'t recall hearing you on there? Still laughing a year later..."
Alan R · Wixom, MI.

Posted on Feb 21, 2004

"Hey Mark, it\'s Brit..(I know I just talked to you on the phone a couple days ago, but I thought I would write something on here..lol)Anyway-I was just checkin out your site. It\'s Great! Your the funniest man alive, but I think everyone knows that! We all have to get together again this summer..maybe another lovely Tigers game...hmmm...\"kitty kitty kitty!\" Good Times Good Times. Maybe you can do another show in my living room again...that was great and I didn\'t even have to pay! LOL Hope to talk to you soon!"
Britni Wilson · Wyandotte, MI, USA

Posted on Feb 19, 2004

"Mr. Knope , Guess Who? Pea Princess of Punta Gorda. Think your web site is great. Do you have any new CD\'s coming out? We just love the one you gave us at the wedding. Hope all is well in your life. Take care Pea Priness of PuntaGorda"
peaprincess · Venice,Fl 34285

Posted on Feb 13, 2004

"Hey Mark it\'s been a couple of months since I meet you at the Tampa Car Show. I was the one that worked at a Chevy dealer in Winter Haven. I am good friends with your cousin Lisa & Gator Jennier. Just wanted to say hi and put me on your mailing list. If you are ever down this way let us know so we could all come and watch you perform. See-ya Michael"
Michael Aycock · Lake Wales, Fl

Posted on Feb 08, 2004

"Hey you, GREAT new site! I still remember the first time I laid eyes on you at Wilson\'s in Greenwood IN...knocked my socks off, man!! Then I heard your act, and the shoes followed!! Keep \'em laughing, and COME TO GA, HOW \'BOUT IT!!!??? I\'d come from the sticks to see you in Hotlanta, and bring 5 of my \"funnest\" friends!! lol Take care and God Bless You, you good-looking teddy bear you!! Jamie"
Jamie Jinks (formerly Lee from Wilson's) · Colquitt, GA

Posted on Jan 29, 2004

"Hey Mark, great site, but I only visited because I heard there was a photo of you in your underwear. Did I miss it? Here\'s hoping you return to East Lansing soon!"
Marnie · East Lansing

Posted on Jan 28, 2004

"Hey Mark Thanks for showing me how to edit your site! As far as anyone knows you will be house MC at Hershels in Caseville for the next 10 years."
Steve Bills · Where G & R sends me

Posted on Jan 26, 2004

Baby Fat Head · UK

Posted on Jan 26, 2004

"Hey Mark !!! Need ya to come back to the Detroit area sometime. Havn\'t seen ya in a while. You were such a sport to wear a pair of blue jeans with a heart patch sewn on the rear....BTW.. excellent web site. Enjoy Kid.. catch ya later... Tracy (Bennett-yes Homie\'s Daughter) Wilkerson"
Tracy (Bennett) Wilkerson · Former Wyandotter Too

Posted on Jan 19, 2004

"Great site!! I hope to hear you perform live one day. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!! Ali"
Ali Hall Mocek · Atlanta, GA

Posted on Jan 15, 2004


Posted on Jan 14, 2004

"Where is the exit? Im lost."
Riley · California, USA

Posted on Jan 13, 2004

"Hey Mark, great site man. I\'m glad I was able to see you at the show in october even though I wasn\'t suposed to haha. Too bad that we had to wait for a sad time like that to get the whole family together but it was good to see G-ma laugh again. Ne ways you got some good stuff.. even though we all know Im the talented one in the family. haha. just messin with ya big guy. I hope to see you sometime this summer if not sooner. Let me know when u are in town. take care"
Kyle Knopp · Battle Creek, Michigan

Posted on Dec 20, 2003

"On July 14th, 2003, I seen you at Casey\'s Club in Lorain, Ohio. I thought you were very funny and cool. I hope that you can come down to the Hickory-Newton area of North Carolina in the near future. Thanks for the good laugh when need that night at Casey\'s. Hope to see again in the near future!!"
Jessica Lees · Newton, NC USA

Posted on Dec 16, 2003

"Happy Birthday from you school friend. Let us know when your performing local. We need a girls night out. Also I want to chat about a mutual dog friend we have. See ya Soon. Happy 2004....."
Margie · Trenton

Posted on Dec 16, 2003

"see you at the NPD christmas party and laughed myself silly. Thanks for a really fun night. Hope to see you again sometime"
Kathy Snyder · Nappanee, IN, USA

Posted on Dec 13, 2003

"Hey, when are ya gonna be in michigan again for a performance? Happy B-Day!"
Phillip · Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Posted on Nov 27, 2003

"Hi Mark We met you today @ the car show in Phoenix. Hope you had a safe trip home ... Sheryl & Mark"
Mark & Sheryl Hassell · Scottsdale, AZ

Posted on Nov 20, 2003

"It was great to see you at the Tampa Auto Show, I think you look good in black leather! I hope you found good luck in rubbing the bhudda belly that I carry around being preggers......"
Stacy Kohler · Punta Gorda, Florida

Posted on Nov 16, 2003

"Have seen you teice at the Holly Hotel. Great shows. Just checking the schedule for the latest gigs. Looking for you again at Joey\'s or Holley Hotel. Maybe I\'ll try the pull method and call the joints to request you..."
Gary Smith · Livonia, Michigan

Posted on Oct 27, 2003

"You were way too freakin\' funny at Crackers in Indy! My husband & I really enjoyed your show!! We laughed our asses off.....tupperware tits!!"
Deb & Stacey Boguske · Muncie Indiana

Posted on Oct 27, 2003

"Heard you on the Bob&Tom show last week and Oh My was I laughing my ass off.. Keep up the great work and never stop being YOU..."
Michele Beasley · Lexington, kentucky

Posted on Oct 25, 2003

"Heard you on the \"Bob and Tom\" show. Laughed my ass off."
zippy · Zeeland,Michigan,USA

Posted on Oct 24, 2003

"WOW! Heard you on Bob and Tom Show on Oct. 24th. Your were extremely funny, I was late for work listening to you. Laughed my ass off!"
Dave · Milwaukee, WI, USA

Posted on Oct 18, 2003

"My wife and I really enjoyed your show last night. Most Fridays we head out to Bay Mills for the comedy night. Your show was great!! Hope to see you back soon."
Ray · Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Posted on Oct 16, 2003

"Hey Mark!! I just wanted to say that I had fun hanging out with you and meeting you at the Olympics. When you come to town, I\'ll definitely be at the show!!!"
Katie · Dearborn Heights, MI

Posted on Aug 28, 2003

"WHOA! First of all, Mystery-Michelle; a gentleman NEVER kisses and tells! Secondly, since there was NO \"hooking up\" or \"kissing\" to be told about - I feel I\'m within my rights to tell you Janell DID make my PHOTO SECTION!?! Take a peek at the set entitled, \"TREEHOUSE TOUR/JULY 03\" and you\'ll find not just ONE, but...TWO pics of Ms. D! It was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY kinda night for her! Madison WAS a good time...always...if only for a night!"
Mark Knope · On my way to Milwaukee for Harleyfest!

Posted on Aug 27, 2003

"Mark ~ Two quicky comments....First I was totally expecting to see pics of you and Janell! I heard you guys finally hooked up in IN....what she doesn\'t make the web page now that she isn\'t in a position to hire you...lol Second, did you love Madison or what? I went to school at UW and lived right on state st...way to much fun! I hope Bucky was good to you. stay in touch! Michelle :-)"
Michelle Bell · Joliet, IL

Posted on Aug 25, 2003

"Cool Website, especially like your journal, say my cousins name in it \"Rebecca of Woodland\". She\'s awesome and so is her Mom, Mary, who still works over at the Woodlands."
Mary (Charlies Bar - Wyandotte, MI) · Riverview

Posted on Aug 01, 2003

"Caught your show... what a riot! You are a very funny guy, and I\'m glad you didn\'t make as much fun of me as you did the \"cat food\" lady from EGR."
Lori · Grand Rapids, MI

Posted on Aug 01, 2003

"Me? Make fun of someone? :) Naaah...the lady (who was allegedly from EAST Grand Rapids) was the one that called the dish served to her \"CAT FOOD.\" I was just defending the virtues of the club I was working for! Hehehe...glad you had fun, Lori!"
MARK KNOPE · On \"the road\" in Wisconsin...

Posted on Jul 24, 2003

"Great show last night at the Holiday Inn in Decatur. I emailed Bob and Tom today and let them know what a great show you put on, Hope it helps, Like I have that kind of pull!! Thanks- Shannon Mason"
Shannon Mason · Decatur, Il USA

Posted on Jul 20, 2003

"I just got back from marks show in grand rapids, This guys is the funniest fat fuk I have ever seen.He is witty as hell and had me laughing so hard i thought i was going to puke. I could sit and listen to this guy for hours. He should of been the whole show. Damn still laughing as I write this. Great show man I will hit every show that i can and bring my friends. Adam Sandler was my fav comedian but i think you just de throned him. Thnks for the laughs you made my day."
Ryan Hartman · greenville,mi,usa

Posted on Jul 20, 2003

"You Rock!"
John Schmalz · Grand Rapids MI USA

Posted on Jul 18, 2003

"In the south we love you mark.No really we love you for a long time can\'t wait for you to cum back hahahah NO Mark don\'t worry just kidding the site looks Great"
The Clown · The Deep South

Posted on Jul 18, 2003

"Hmmm...THE CLOWN loves me? Well, those that have seen my show recently know that I LOVE CLOWNS, too! Hehehe...sorta/kinda...FORE! Happy Friday everyone - enjoy your weekend!"

Posted on Jul 17, 2003

"Hi Mark. Saw you at the golf course Sunday. you know me from our trip to Gull Lake with Dave Lib. Hope to see your act again,when you get within 200 miles of good old Wyandotte. Good luck."
Dick Kott · Wyandotte, MI Poland

Posted on Jul 09, 2003

"hey Mark! I just wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with your web site. And the fact that you put a little blurb in about me and Bill in South Haven! Hope your doing well and having lots of successful shows! Take care, Suzie"
Suzie Lukofsky · dearborn, michigan

Posted on Jul 05, 2003

"Great Talent!"
Venus · Farmington Hills, Mi

Posted on Jul 01, 2003

"Mark, Just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable day of golf yesterday. Good luck with everything, and hope the knee gets better soon. Sincerely, Dan Gizar"
Dan Gizar · St. Clair, MI St. Clair

Posted on Jun 29, 2003

"\"HEEEEEEEY\" Mark, great show! You participated in deflowering me of my \"live comedy virginity\" hun! yay! Not only that, but you ragged on me, which made it twice as fun....just to let you know, I\'ll be getting a sixth tattoo...most likey of \"Tiff likes it HARD and LONG\" on my right breast....Mark.....that was a joke ;) *lol* But everyone has a price j/k ;) Keep the laughs comin! Until next time, well, I\'ll be going through my dominatrix/physical therapy training....just in case you hurt your knee again :) -Tiff with the 5 tattoos :) http://www.geocities.com/nodoubter1023 That\'s my kick ass website....actually....it\'s lame :)"
Tiffany · Hammond,IN USA

Posted on Jun 27, 2003

"FOWL language? Ok, ok...no more chicken jokes when I play Gaylord, I promise! Comedy is very subjective - however, if I was a little lazy with my verbage on Wednesday, I\'ll be sure to concentrate more on my next stop through! I remember you two - Dick and Diane - cute couple! Hope you had a fun evening..."
MARK KNOPE · from the road...

Posted on Jun 26, 2003

"We enjoyed your show, and the audience participation, it was fun. Lighten up on the fowl language, you don\'t need it, your act would be strong enought with out it. Gaylord has city, county, and state police here, so remember \"come on vacation - home on probation. You can have alot of fun with that one."
Diane & Dick · Gaylord, Michigan

Posted on Jun 18, 2003

"I like the pictures from Shooters. Nice shot of my butt. You were right, that is a cute picture of Teaira and me."
Erika · Saginaw, MI

Posted on Jun 17, 2003

"You were on fire at Maxie\'s!!!!!!!!!! Great show, we really had a funny time! Congrats on all the booking in June. :)"
Dawn ·

Posted on Jun 16, 2003

"Saw your show Sunday at Maxie\'s. Very funny, had an absolute blast. Hope to see you next time you come to the area."
Sarah · Flint, Mi

Posted on Jun 15, 2003

"Thanks for the chat tonight Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
Amy · Saginaw, MI

Posted on Jun 15, 2003

"Hey Mark, I was just checkin on here to see when your next show was. I started writing dates down and realized that you had one earlier today, DOH! I\'ll have to catch the next one! See you in the gym! Keep bringin the HA HA!"
Tony Bommarito · Gibraltar, MI

Posted on Jun 08, 2003

"Saw Mark at a 40th Birthday party last night. To sum it up in one word: Awesome. Superb performance! Thanks for a great show, good time, and tons of laughs.........by the way, Mark, take care of that knee and don\'t walk too many stairs and I will do the same for mine."
Connie · Algonac Michigan

Posted on Jun 07, 2003

"the seviest guy on aol"
jen · allen park, mi

Posted on Jun 04, 2003

"Was fun talking to u in yahoo today Mark and looking forward to you comming to wise crackers :) and i will pray there isnt a full moon out that nite.lol"
jessica · crown point Ind

Posted on Jun 03, 2003

"I like Mark\'s Website. It\'s as innovative, changing, clever and original as Mark is. Mark has been one of those people in my life who excells at being human, decent, a cool guy and a hard worker who is very good at his job. Mark\'s job is making people laugh. How cool is that ? Father Luke"
Father Luke · Santa\'s Village

Posted on Jun 03, 2003

"Thanks for the laugh & great pictures of ME at the OSC bash in Charlston"
Tad · Havana Fl

Posted on May 28, 2003

"I am hear visiting the sight. I like that hat picture! Dawn"
Dawn Houser · any where that\'s free

Posted on May 22, 2003

"Just sayin\' hi to our favorite comedian! The site looks great as always. Take it easy and happy belated b-day to your son. see ya soon ??"
Rose & Michael · michigan

Posted on May 21, 2003

"Just wanted to say that Chicagoans (especially the homegirl from Y&.) shouldn\'t have to go much longer without seeing Mark\'s show. Can\'t wait to catch a show in the near term...miss ya, buddy!"
Jan · Chicago, Illinois

Posted on May 21, 2003

KEVIN AUBIN · webster,ny usa

Posted on May 21, 2003

"Just saw Mark perform at Comix Cafe. Great show that kept me laughing. Marks performance is a good mix of funny and \"off the wall\" without ruining people in the crowd. I like that!"
Greg Swartz · Rochester, New York

Posted on May 07, 2003

"I like the Rum Runners staff more than Mark. Do they have any posters....undressed...with each other?"
Geff Phillips · Southfield, MI

Posted on May 05, 2003

"HEY FOLKS! Not sure if you\'ve noticed it or not, but...the PHOTO SECTION of my website is now done! Woo-hoo! Lots of PICS posted - go on and check \'em out! There\'ll be more added with each road trip...later, MK"
MARK KNOPE · ...at my desk in MICHIGAN

Posted on May 02, 2003

"I want exclusive rights to that butt shot you got of me--comedy boy!!! Very funny."
The baboon at the Phoenix Zoo · Phoenix Az

Posted on Apr 26, 2003

"Need help....lost our entertainer for May 10th after prom party at Shepherd High School. Looking for a clean 30 - 40 minute act for 200 high schoolers. Any suggestions?"
Cheryl Alger · Shepherd, MI USA

Posted on Apr 25, 2003

"Hey mark , i am glad we got talking on yahoo now i want to see a show!. I was reading through my guestbook laughing at what you wrote hey ( Pump your website on my page its ok ) IM KIDDING I wish you the very best in all you do just remember the little people ( ME ) feel free to visit my website I have a few new pages http://hometown.aol.com/worldthghmyeyes/ Love ya Aundrea"
Aundrea · Ann arbor Michigan U.S.A

Posted on Apr 22, 2003

"Hi Mark!! What a great picture of the Martini clan!! We had a fantastic time Saturday night while you were in the \'burgh...boy do I miss home!!!...you were the topic of conversation at our Easter shindig the next day..if we could get a word in edgewise between Brian and Jeff rattling off jokes...remember Bravos?...but,thank you again for everything. Come back and visit me in Columbus, GA...XOXO...Lisa"
Lisa Martini · Columbus, GA - hometown - Pittsburgh, PA

Posted on Apr 21, 2003

"Mark - I don\'t care what anyone says about you, you\'re okay in my book! :o)"
Monica · Fraser, MI

Posted on Apr 20, 2003

"Hey great show in the burgh this weekend.. Hope you come back again soon..."
ChuckYoung · butler,pa

Posted on Apr 16, 2003

"MARK!!!!! I am SO BUMMED!! Okie and I missed your show...I pulled a double and afternoon shifts all weekend at the hospital!! I was SO looking foreward to seein you again!! I am going to try and make it to JD\'s in May tho..perhaps I\'ll make it a girl\'s night out!!"
Jules · NewBaltimore,MI

Posted on Apr 16, 2003

"Hey ACE! Cool site! Looks like what I\'d see if I was a mirror and you were making faces! Too funny, but then again.....you are! Hugs, L2"
Lisa Lyons · Grandville,MI USA

Posted on Apr 16, 2003

"hey, glad to see your out & about! look forward to your retun to Brimley MI, They are stopping comedy from june-sept BUMMER!keep up the great work cool web site, Maxx"
Max · Sault Michigan

Posted on Apr 16, 2003

"Great Site! Look forward to the next show!"
Bud · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Apr 15, 2003

"Saw you the other night at Chaplins. You have to be really funny to make me laugh. I laughed. Enough said. Thanks."
Sandra Barnes · Detroit, MI

Posted on Apr 10, 2003

"I was able to catch Mark\'s show last night...he is an incredibly good looking man with an amazing gift for bringing laughter! It was indeed a pleasure to meet you Mark...WOW What a smile you have!!"
Debby ·

Posted on Apr 08, 2003

"Mark, I am really excited about seeing you for the first time this week! I keep hearing such great things about you as a person and a comedian!!"
Debby · Utica MI

Posted on Apr 01, 2003

"Mark, I met you at the Milwaukee Auto show (My father and I showed you how to remove the tailgate from a Chevy Avalanch). Anyway, My family and I are looking forward to seeing your show if you make it to southeastern WI. Thanks again."
William · Milwaukee, WI

Posted on Mar 07, 2003

"MARK!!! I just saw that you\'ll be our neck of the woods in April!! Okie and I will try our damndest to be there... we are celebrating our one year here next weekend, so maybe in April we can have a late celebration!! Hope all is well!"
JULES · New BAltimore, MI

Posted on Feb 26, 2003

"I just want to tell you how goofy you look on your website. no jk. It\'s pretty cool. Hope to see you at the gym soon. The WOOD not fairlane!"
Christopher Cadoret · Woodhaven, MI, USA

Posted on Feb 24, 2003

"Hi Mark, I was just revisiting your great web site! I\'m sending to a DJ friend of mine tonight. How\'s the knee? Hope all is well, as well as, hope to see you in December!"
Mar · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Feb 13, 2003

"Just wanted to say...Thanks for coming to Kirksville, MO. Your show was great. Who will ever forget the male golfer that admits...\"I suck good\". To me, anyone can stand up and be a comedian. It\'s your quick wit and charm that makes you great. Come back to the middle of nowhere any time!"
Tina · Kirksville, MO

Posted on Jan 25, 2003

"Hey Mark! I saw your act at the Wild Dawg Saloon in Huntington, WV last night and thought I would say that I had a great time and your stand-up act was great! Hey, come back soon! And, hopefully the lady who called you \"ChickenShit\" won\'t be there!"
Rex Watson · Crown City, Ohio USA

Posted on Jan 24, 2003

"thanks for the compliment!"
Betty · michigan

Posted on Jan 23, 2003

"hey good show at lorain..............ducklady"
ducklady · lorain ohip usa

Posted on Jan 10, 2003

"Hey hon i sent you an e-mail friday nite. just wanted to say hello and we miss you. I hope you get our e-mail- please let us know- darn technology- i miss the old days.... come on back to our neighborhood soon!!!XOXOXO"
Rose D. · MI

Posted on Dec 26, 2002

"You are hilarious - and cute too!"
Stacy Lowe · Punta Gorda, Florida

Posted on Dec 21, 2002

"Good working with you Mark. I like the site! Working with old comedy friends is a rarity. Seeing you and Ruben was the best. Good luck with the knee and the new CD."
Steve Bills · Harrison Twp MI USA

Posted on Dec 15, 2002

"Hey Mark!! Happy Belated on the 11th... hope to see you over christmas with the fam... see you have a show in dearborn, thinking about coming!! have a good week"
Keely · Mich

Posted on Dec 12, 2002

"Hey Mark, LOVED the Oct. 26 Appearance in Altoona, PA!"
Calender Girl Tamara · Duncansville, PA

Posted on Nov 24, 2002

"hey..i looked at your site..cool job..see you in chat room 7"
tammysjrfan · hartland, mi

Posted on Oct 27, 2002

"We attended the night of comedy at Eldoyn Terrace last night and got to see you open for Barry Martin. The 4 of us that came together thought you had an excellant show. Hubby thought it was great the way you put the \"football\" guy in his place. It shows how fast thinking can help you get rid of hecklers. We certainly hope you will be in the area once again."
Terri L · Tyrone, PA

Posted on Oct 12, 2002

"MARK!!!! I haven\'t talked to you in ages...my yahoo acct. was frozen and I haven\'t been able to access it in a month! Jusy wonderin how you\'re dooin?"
JULES · New Baltimore

Posted on Oct 04, 2002

"NIce sight for sore eyes!"
Kelley Tarr · Lapeer Michigan

Posted on Sep 17, 2002

"Hey I caught your act in Ann arbor on saturday. That was some funny shit you did, especially with the cop. Oh yeah you\'re pretty haha funny too!"
rick · Windsor Ontario Canada

Posted on Sep 10, 2002

"Great job, Knope! Seeing as though I\'m back in Indy, I\'ll catch you on your next venture here. Hope all is well, take care!"
Shannon · Indianapolis, IN USA

Posted on Sep 09, 2002

"Cool! I like it."
cindy · milw. wi usa

Posted on Sep 08, 2002

"Hi Mark! Cool web-site! Looking foward to seeing you when you\'re back in Milwaukee. Take care!"
Jane · Milwaukee, WI, USA

Posted on Sep 08, 2002

"Very cool upgrades, buddy! Love the 3 stooges! As one of the proud few who witnessed all the pain of the first half of this year, let me wish you the best for the rest!! I\'ll check in with you soon.....Take care! Suz"
Suzanne Coverdale · Indiana

Posted on Sep 07, 2002

"Great site! Look forward to seeing you soon."
Bud · Wyandotte, MI

Posted on Sep 06, 2002

"Mark, Nice updated site, more user friendly! Are you ever coming to Georgia so I can beat your golf game into the ground?"
Mike herman · Suwanee GA

Posted on Sep 06, 2002

"looking forward to seeing Mark back on Stage, hes had a touch year with the knee, & weall know comedy is the best medicine! Bay Mills Casino in Brimley Michigan awaits your arrival :}"
Max · Sault Michigan

Posted on Sep 06, 2002

"WOWSER - your site looks great. I especially like the changing pics of you. Very classy. Catch you later. Hope all is well!!!!!!"
Michael & Rose ·

Posted on Sep 04, 2002

"Hey, i love the new site. Keep up the good work. Im looking forward to seeing you at your next preformance."
K8 · Wyandotte

Posted on Sep 04, 2002

"Does it get any better than this? Waking up at 3:00 am, wondering about a line said, laughing, but not in ones sleep, contemplating the real meaning behind the words...hmmm...when does this man come back to my home town? PS Great website design!"
Liz · MI

Posted on Aug 28, 2002

"Hey had a wild time at the comedy club. Loved your act and the group I was with still talk about it. Look forward to your return... Kevin"
Kevin · Madison,WI, USA

Posted on Aug 25, 2002

"i saw your show at the comedy club on state street on friday, august 23rd, & i thought you were awesome. you were cool. you're kinda cute. hope you come by madison again sometime soon."
Sarah · madison, wisconsin, usa

Posted on Aug 22, 2002

"great show told you i was going to visit your site let me know if you have any questions on your sprint phone. feel free to email or call you have my card. p.s. i feel bad for tom but at least my thumbs will grow back. haha. let me know if you need any material. good luck"
joe schneider · dubuque iowa

Posted on Aug 20, 2002

"nice site//"
britt · east liverpool,ohio

Posted on Aug 11, 2002

"very handsome and very funny. What a pleasure. see ya soon,"
Christine Locke · mesa, Az U.S.A

Posted on Jul 31, 2002

"Hey Debbie! I remember your group...no probs at all with your table. HOWEVER...it was the OPENING act that did the stuff about "slapping Arabs" - not me. Just for the record and so as not to start any incidents here within my little domain. Hehehe...I am not an Arab slapper! Carry on everyone...nothing else to see here."
MARK KNOPE · On "the road" in Indiana...

Posted on Jul 30, 2002

"A group of friends and I saw you at the Inn of the Grand Glaze, at Osage Beach, MO; and had a wonderful time. Sorry if we gave you alittle shit, but we were out for some fun. Keep making people laugh, and take care of that leg. P.S. I still think we should slap the Arabs!!!"
Debbie · Iowa

Posted on Jul 26, 2002

"MARK is sucha studly guy!!! You're damn funny and know how to make everyone have a fabulous time!! It was good seein' ya!!"
JULES · New Baltimore,MI

Posted on Jul 24, 2002

"Hey You, Thanks for A wonderful couple hours.I am sure I am going to be walking funny for A week, But you where great. Hope we didn't reinjure that knee ....When can I have some more?PS.. what would A sweet, shy, inocent and demure lil suthern belle have to do to get an autographed CD? Ell"
Elllorah · Charleston SC

Posted on Jul 22, 2002

"Hey Tracie - thanks! Nothing on the books at this time for Fairview Heights - I believe that club has gone through an ownership change. CALL them. Ask them to book me BACK! I loved that room. Thanks for the note...glad you enjoyed the CD!"
MARK KNOPE · wyandotte, mi

Posted on Jul 21, 2002

"Enjoyed your show at Fairview Heights last December! Do you have any performances planned there again? Also, love your CD "don't laugh... it'll only encourage him!"!"
Tracie · Centralia, Illinois

Posted on Jul 11, 2002

"Hey brother, long time no see. How's the leg doin? I hope a lot better than the last time I saw you at crackers. Just wanted to drop you a line and find out what you had goin' on. Also wanted to let you know that I will be getting back on the road full time in January of 03'. I'm going to try to hit the ground running with it. I have a few clubs that remember me, and will feature me, but I may have a little trouble. We'll see how it all pans out. If you have anything come up(one nighters) and you're in the area, keep me in mind. I have a comedy festival thing that I am trying to put together in Indy. It will be in the fall (most likely october) but we're looking at being in a theater. Good filming opportunity. Anyway, let me know if you're interested. Myself, Gerry Gobel, Troy Davis and a guy named Marcus Bunn are already involved. Take it easy man, I'll see you out there! Sean S."
Sean Shank · Indianapolis IN

Posted on Jul 10, 2002

"Just got an invite to see our show at the Holly Hotel, and it had a link to this site... really cool. And I mean that. Never caught your act before, but I'm really like'n the first impression!"
Unashamed1 · Belleville, MI

Posted on Jun 14, 2002

Mari Baxter · usa

Posted on May 22, 2002

"Just checking out how your PT went...making sure Donna is doing a good job. Thanks for sharing the postitives with your readers."
Lori Cain · Noblesville, IN, USA

Posted on May 17, 2002

"HEY EVERYONE...thanks for all the kind words! JUST A REMINDER - my CD is available after all my shows (maybe you slipped out before I got to the lobby?) or via www.comedyhome.com There should be a link to the comedyhome site at the bottom of each page on this site. THANKS AGAIN...see you down the road!"
MARK KNOPE · Currently...INDY

Posted on May 16, 2002

"My wife and I LOVED your set at Cracker's last night- much funnier than the so called headliner! We hope to get a chance to see you again soon- and how can we get your CD?"
kevin · Indianapolis

Posted on May 08, 2002

"Great show on tueday wouldn't have missed for anything although our asses are sore and our hands are numb from clapping so much though it was well worth it. Take care of yourself friend and by the way we still owe you a drink :)"
Michael & Rose · Detroit,Mi

Posted on Apr 29, 2002

"Ace, can't wait to catch your act now that I have access to your show list. See you soon. WildWilliam"
Bill Wilkin · Brighton,MI

Posted on Apr 27, 2002

"Mark, We want you back in Bay Mills. Is it on your schedule? Hope your knee is doing well! keep up the work-outs, Max"
mAXINE · ssmarie

Posted on Apr 23, 2002

"I like your biography, especially about your grandpa. I hope to see your performance soon at my school!"
Kristen · Wyandotte, MI 48192

Posted on Apr 10, 2002

"Great CD!!!!!! just got done listening to it and thought it was funnier than hell. C ya in therapy!!!!! Travis"
Travis · Fishers,In. USA

Posted on Mar 22, 2002

"We think that you are the best person to grace the stage since the Ziegfield follies. Just as sexy too as far as I (Rose) am concerned. we look forward to your return."
Michael & Rose Dockeray · michigan

Posted on Mar 12, 2002


Posted on Mar 12, 2002

"Mark, remember you have alot of people supporting you in every way,everyday. My prayers are with you"
Kimmie · Downriver...Mi.

Posted on Feb 28, 2002

"Mark, Glad to hear you are on the mend big guy. Have you been working in the Indy area while rehabing? I see the "boys" are discussing a beer/euchre get together. Wish I were close enough to participate. Glad to hear you are working your way back on to the "active" roster. Take care & stay in touch, Shawn"
Shawn McCarrey · Roswell, GA USA

Posted on Feb 07, 2002

"Cool website, Mark!!! Hope your knee is doing MUCH better. Love, Maggie & Will"
Margaret Brink · Wyandotte, MI US

Posted on Jan 29, 2002

"01/29/02. I was visiting your impressive web site. I got the formal okay from the football board of directors. Everything looks like a go. I keep in touch"
Joe Walsh · southgate,mi

Posted on Jan 25, 2002

"Your show is ab-fab, to quote the British show on Comedy Central!!!"
Lacy Z · Louisville, KY

Posted on Jan 19, 2002

"Saw the show on Fiday January 18th 2002. It was great."
Michael Litsey · Elizabethtown, KY; USA

Posted on Jan 18, 2002

"Mark, great meeting you in LA (Chrysler girl) let me know when you'll be in my neck of the woods. bye Diana"
diana hemenway · macomb,mi.

Posted on Jan 04, 2002

"Hey Mark! Looking forward to seeing you in AZ- Can't wait to show you the new boob job!"
3M · Phoenix, AZ

Posted on Dec 24, 2001

"Mark, Your site looks good"
Mark Casey · Indianapolis, IN, 46220

Posted on Dec 21, 2001

"I think you are great. A nice guy and handsome, too"
Dorothy · Redford

Posted on Dec 20, 2001

"I saw Marks show when he was recording his CD and suggested the idea of a website. He went for it and here it is! He is a very funny guy - Go See Him!!!! (If your looking for a website, please feel free to visit our website. The link is at the bottom of this page)"
Brian Baltutat · Wyandotte, MI