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CD Special

CD SpecialBoth of Mark Knope's CDs - "Don't Laugh... It'll Only Encourage Him!" and "Regular Guy."


REGULAR GUYMark Knope's latest CD release on the NEXT ROUND label!
RECORDED in August/2008 at Connxtions Comedy Club in Toledo, OH; by Zeta Studios - it has a much crisper and intimate sound - and the laughs are endless! Knope's maturity as a performer shines through on this disc and the audience is with him every step of the way! This is a more personal journey and it shows on the tracks "Pain & Torture," "Grand MILF" and "BOBO."

ALSO available via download at iTunes

Don't Laugh... It'll Only Encourage Him!

Don't Laugh... It'll Only Encourage Him!Mark Knope's debut CD!
RECORDED in October/2000 at Joey's Comedy Club in Dearborn, MI - be one of the thousands that own this disc! Mark takes you on a hilarious journey with non-stop laughs - featuring: "Floods...AND Ducks," as well as his classic, "Cold Weather CURLY." This recording also includes four studio BONUS TRACKS - voicemail/answering machine messages by Ahhh-nold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Curly Howard and The Cowardly Lion!